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How to setup CMSubscriber

CM SubscriberThis article describes how to setup and use the Joomla! module CMSubscriber.
The Module is compatible with Joomla! 3+.

  • Installation

    • Install the module from the Joomla Backend > Extensions > Extension Manager
    • Go to the module manager, and edit the existing module / or create a new one

  • Module Settings

  • Go Through the settings of the module:

    • The module position (a valid template position)
    • The module status (published)

    • cmModule_Settings

  • The basic module options

  • Enter the API-key for your Campaign Monitor Account and the ListID for the subscribers list you want to use.

  • Module Elements

    • Show or hide form labels
    • Choose what actions the user can perform with the form (subscribe only, unsubscribe only or both)cmSubunsub
    • Display a custom message above the form.cmIntrotext

  • Module Styling

    • Module Class Suffix
    • Select if the module CSS-file should be loaded or base the styling on your template css.cmCSS
      *Be aware that the module css is used with the form validation.
Oprettet af: Casper Nøhr Hansen | I kategori: CMSubscriber | Oprettet: Fredag, 01 juni 2012 | Opdateret: Lørdag, 27 februar 2016