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Campaign Monitor integration

Do you use Joomla! + RSForm! Pro and want to integrate with Campaign Monitor? This plugin is just what you are looking for!

This Plugin allows you to send information from your RSforms in Joomla! to your Campaign Monitor account. It is easy to link the fields on your webform to fields in Campaign Monitor.

The RSForm Pro Plugin - Campaign Monitor is the link between two systems. Collect user data from your RS webform, and use the information to send awesome newsletters in Campaign Monitor

The integration is done silently while running in the background, so the user (form submitter) will not notice anything in the frontend. See example form with debug-mode activated

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Create a link between two awesome systems

RSForm Pro is a formbuilder/manager for Joomla which offers an extensive set of tools to build awesome webforms.

Campaign Monitor is a full service e-mail marketing system providing a complete setup for sending and managing your e-mail marketing.

The key features of the plugin:

  • Combine the power of RSForm Pro and Campaign Monitor
  • Access Campaign Monitor Lists and customfields from Joomla
    Easy field mapping (no developer skills is required)
  • Userfriendly setup and smart debug-function

The Campaign Monitor Plugin allows integration between RSForm! Pro and the Email Marketing Manager website

Plugin Admin Settings

RSForm Pro and Campaign Monitor


Try our Demo Form for RSForm! Pro

We have created a 'demo form' with RSForm-fields already created.
You only need to edit the ListID's. Download demo form

Read more about Backup and Restore in RSForm! Pro

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