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Plugin installation

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Guide to install the RSForm! Pro Plugin: Campaign Monitor
The installation procedure is the same as any plugin for Joomla!


  1. Make sure RSForm Pro is already installed.
    The plugin is an extension to the RSForm! Pro - You need the component to install this plugin.

install plugin
  1. Go to: Administrator > Extensions > Extension Manager > The tab: Install
  2. Browse and select the plugin: then press Upload & install

enable plugin
  1. When the plugin is sucessfully installed you need to enable the plugin.
    Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager
  2. Find the plugin on the list.
    Sort the plugins by ID - desending - then the latest ID will be the first row.
  3. Set the status of the plugin to Enabled
    Need help to find the API-keys? Click here

You are almost ready to use the plugin

  1. Go to Components > RSForm! Pro > Manage Forms
  2. Select a form import our CM Demo form.
  3. Select the tab Properties on the form.
  4. Look for a tab in the section Extra called: Campaign Monitor
  5. In the top of a page a warning-notice is displayed: "Your Campaign Monitor API Settings have not yet been entered" Press the RSForm Configuration link.

Enter the Campaign Monitor API-keys

Campaign Monitor API
  1. Go to the tab: Campaign Monitor in the RSForm! Pro Configuration
  2. Enter the API-settings from Campaign Monitor
    These API-settings are now available for all forms where the plugin is enabled.


Try our Demo Form for RSForm! Pro

We have created a 'demo form' with RSForm-fields already created.
You only need to edit the ListID's. Download demo form

Read more about Backup and Restore in RSForm! Pro

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