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Dynamic Zoo Element

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zoo Element Extension

Dynamic Zoo Element is a versatile YooTheme Zoo Element.

The most powerful feature is the ability to render other elements inside the elements textarea. This makes you able to create dynamic text based on the content of your items!

You no longer need to create and maintain several copies of the same text, but now you can create one dynamic text to suit a number of items.

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Demo of Dynamic Zoo Element

The possibilities are endless - the box on the right shows a basic example of the Dynamic Zoo Element.

In this case I would like a general text to appear on all of my pages relating to Custom Zoo Elements - explaining what a Zoo Element is.

Instead of copying this text to each item, i use the Dynamic Zoo Element to display the text. This way I only have one text to maintain.

But wait a minute - how can I have the name and version of "this" element inside a general text? The element makes it possible to place variables inside the text, with information relevant for item on which it is displayed. Unlike a system plugin this element has self awareness!

See a more detailed example explaining the concept

Accessing item elements as variables

Sometimes you want to output data from a specific element, and in other cases you want the output to be the information from item itself. With Dynamic Zoo Element you can do both!

Render element from a specific item:

Variable: {zoo_item: 144 element: Version}
Output: 2.11

Render the element of the item in which the text is displayed:

Variable: {zoo_item: 0 element: Version}
Output: 1.2

There is more! - the variables can also contain configuration-parameters to render them just the way you want!

See complete list of examples with variables

Admin Setup

The screenshot below shows the configuration option available for this element:


  • Limit the element to be display for specific categories. (can also be overwritten on the item edit!)
  • Pull in description, image and link from the primary category of the item(optional to override align and size-options from category-settings)

See complete administrator instructions


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